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Healthy, Personalized Christmas Gifts

Give the gift of happiness and health to a loved one this holiday season! At Purify Tea, we offer customizable wellness tea blends that are made from all natural and organic ingredients with zero additives and flavoring. All of our products are handcrafted and made to order, so you'll always be getting the freshest and highest quality ingredients.
Everything we offer has been carefully vetted - we've conducted a lot of evidence-based research and taste testing so you don't have to. You're more than welcome to read some of the research we have done.

Why Purify Tea?

Unique Personalized Names
You can customize the packaging to anything you want. Want to have your special one’s name on it? No problem! Want to name it “Merry Christmas Mom!”? Of course!
Beautiful Gift Cards Included
Include your holiday message with Purify Tea! All of our products include a beautiful gift card with plenty of room for your message. Just remember to add your message on the checkout page!
Modify For Health & Taste
You can modify everything that goes into each blend. Does your loved one love roses? You can easily swap out any ingredient and put in roses!
Order by December 19!
For last minute shoppers, order your products by December 19 and we will make sure your loved one can enjoy our teas by Christmas! (US orders only)

Ready To Start? Choose From The Following

Click on "More Info" to find out about each blend and the research we've done.
If you're all set, click "Customize This Blend" to modify the ingredients (if you want to) and to add a custom name!
Blissful Belly
Digestive Health Blend
Green tea infused with peppermint leaf, aloe vera leaf, cilantro leaf, and rosemary leaf
From $24

Divine Defense
Immunity Support Blend
Pu-erh tea infused with citrus peel, lemongrass, meadowsweet, and nettle leaf
From $21

Electrified Einstein
Energy & Brain Support Blend
Black tea infused with citrus peel, black seed, sage, and ginkgo leaf     
From $24

Glowing Girl
Women's Health Blend
Oolong tea infused with alfalfa leaf, chamomile, dong quai root, and milk thistle
From $26

Happy Heart
Heart Health Blend
Black tea infused with papaya leaf, agrimony, goldenseal, and turmeric root
From $21

Lasting Lean
Weight Loss Support Blend
Green tea infused with carob, ginger root, licorice root, and safflower
From $23

Peaceful Paradise
Stress & Mood Support Blend
Green tea infused with passionflower, jasmine flower, St. John’s wort, and valerian
From $24

Purify Power
Strength & Fitness Blend
Black tea infused with astragalus root, echinacea, ginkgo leaf, and stevia leaf
From $22

Serene Slumber
Sleep Support Blend
Rooibos infused with chamomile, passionflower, lavender, and St. John’s wort
From $21

Timeless Treasure
Anti-Aging Blend
White tea infused with strawberry leaf, astragalus root, gotu kola, and rose petals
From $25










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